Saying Yes to God: How to Keep in Step with the Spirit

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Saying Yes to God: How to Keep in Step with the Spirit is written to help maturing Christians better recognize the voice of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. The book is a practical resource for those looking for fresh insight to break through barriers and personal limitations in their relationship with God. In effect, this book offers hope to all those who earnestly want to know God better and to live Christ-centered, Spirit-led lives. Readers will not feel judged or shamed, but will hear a gentle yet firm and persistent call to believe that God truly is at work in their lives. Not only can they learn to recognize the Spirit’s voice better, but they can learn how to work with God in tremendously satisfying and fruitful ways. This book’s particular contribution lies in its simple presentation of important spiritual concepts, use of illustrations drawn from the author’s spiritual life coaching practice and global teaching ministry, and special emphasis on how to love others better as an outflow of one’s faith and personal relationship with God.

Praise for the Book

“The capacity to discern the voice of God is the sine qua non of vibrant Christian living. The Holy Spirit enables those who seek God’s leading to find meaning, purpose, and peace. Christians desiring to be faithful disciples need a gentle guide like Timothy Geoffrion. In this wonderfully accessible book, Timothy shows us how to hear God’s voice and to respond joyfully and affirmatively.”

—Neville Callam, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance

“God, whose love and healing is working in every life, in every place, simply asks us to join in the divine love flow. In this book, Tim Geoffrion shows us how to actually experience what God is calling us to live, in everyday, real life. I heartily recommend it to any follower of Christ who is ready to say yes to God in deeper and more profound ways, and who wants to be changed by listening more closely to God and by cooperating more fully with the leading of the Holy Spirit.”

—Richard Rohr, OFM, Founder, Center for Action and Contemplation

“Deeply rooted in the power of Spirit-led inner change, this book provides readers with great wisdom on how to see things through God’s eyes, and how to listen and respond to God’s compelling voice through the Holy Spirit in our daily experience. Tim Geoffrion’s book is a must for every Spirit-led Christian to read.”

—Samuel Ngun Ling, President and Professor of Theology, Myanmar Institute of Theology


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