Reader Feedback – The Spirit-Led Leader

“Pastors and leaders of religiously affiliated nonprofits will find The Spirit Led Leader very useful. Christian business leaders will appreciate it, too.

The Spirit-Led Leader helps leaders get results for their organizations by cultivating spiritual practices and creating grace-filled accountable work environments. We don’t have to choose between a driven, results-at-any-cost orientation on the one hand and a passive, nondirective saccharine-sweet approval style on the other. Tim Geoffrion shows how to balance results and relationships, tasks and people.

Tim’s writing is theologically grounded and yet very practical. He draws from the riches of Scripture to show how the Christian Gospel can make a real difference in the workaday lives of leaders in both religious and secular work environments. He emphasizes love, trust, and grace and illustrates them with examples from his own experiences – both his successes and his failures. Tim is refreshingly transparent. That authenticity is a hallmark of trustworthy spiritual leadership in these times.

What I’ve taken away from the book that I can use in my daily life is this: I’m learning to rest in the assurance that I’m loved and accepted by the grace of God, quite apart from what I do. I’ve begun to mediate on and memorize Scripture. I am trusting God to work in and through me rather than focusing solely on my own performance and achievements. I still have goals—even ‘Big, Holy, Audacious Goals’—but I realize that if my team and I accomplish anything of lasting significance, it’s God who gets the credit.

I’ve been a pastor for 23 years. I began consulting with congregations in 1998. I founded to encourage pastors and lay leaders who are praying and working for renewal in older churches. Since May 2005 I’ve served as coordinator of the Pastoral Ministry Program for the Kern Family Foundation. In this role I pray for, encourage, and advise dozens of young pastors who are making the transition from seminary to pastoral ministry.”

— Fred Oaks

“I’ve been moved as I continue to think about your ideas, particularly what you said toward the end about the centrality of love, and asking God for a fresh experience of that love, even in the midst of our struggles and duties. It’s a very hopeful message you offer.”

— Heather Faller, Princeton Seminary

“I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your book , the Spirit Led Leader and your thoughts on being a Spirit-filled leader! The book offers great insights into the Scriptures. It synthesize s lots of great authors and resources (Loved Brother Lawrence). The format of the book is creative, defining “what’s needed” and “what’s real.” I especially valued the insights into your personal life story.”

— Peter Henschel, Midwest Region of Campus Crusade for Christ