Table of Contents

The Spirit-Led Leader



Chapter 1: The Vision
Leadership Practice: Envision your leadership flowing out of a deep spiritual life.
Soul Principle: Fruitfulness in leadership requires the work of God in and through us.

Chapter 2: Connecting to God
Leadership Practice: Actively cultivate your own spiritual life.
Soul Principle: Spiritual vitality flows from a real change of heart and mind toward God.

Chapter 3: Spiritual Disciplines
Leadership Practice: Develop specific spiritual disciplines.
Soul Principle: Disciplines deepen our spiritual life and empower our leadership.

Chapter 4: Aligning with God’s Purposes
Leadership Practice: Always seek to serve God’s purposes first.
Soul Principle: Aligning our will with God’s is an all-encompassing, ongoing process.

Chapter 5: Seeking God Together
Leadership Practice: Create a vital spiritual environment within your workplace.
Soul Principle: God works powerfully as we seek his activity among us.

Chapter 6: Embracing Change as a Friend
Leadership Practice: Make change a personal priority.
Soul Principle: Change is our calling.

Chapter 7: Listening Well
Leadership Practice: Lead by listening well.
Soul Principle: The Holy Spirit speaks and works through every team member.

Chapter 8: Trusting God
Leadership Practice: Always trust God.
Soul Principle: Steadfast trust in God is indispensable to spiritual vitality and leadership.

Chapter 9: The Heart of Spiritual Leadership
Leadership Practice: Open yourself fully to the love and grace of God.
Soul Principle: The grace of God creates the only sure foundation for personal transformation and dynamic spiritual leadership.

Appendix A: Lectio Divina
Divinie Reading of Scripture

Appendix B: The Spirit-Led Leader
Nine Leadership Practices with Corresponding Soul Principles

Selected Bibliography