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One Step at a Time: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Spirit-Led Living

Each year, tens of thousands of pilgrims walk el Camino de Santiago—the Way of St. James—a 500-mile route across northern Spain that has existed for over a thousand years. Tim Geoffrion, author of The Spirit-Led Leader, made this pilgrimage with his wife and teenage sons in 2006. He writes in One Step at a Time not about his own journey but about how God works in those who seek to be led by the Spirit. Using pilgrimage as a metaphor for the Spirit-led life, he offers his experiences, thoughts, and reflections as a catalyst for readers’ own spiritual pilgrimage—the lifelong journey of growth into the life Christ intends for us. Geoffrion has written so that readers can learn to recognize God’s activity in our lives, to live more fully in God’s love, to follow Jesus Christ according to our unique calling and purpose, and to let the Holy Spirit fill and lead us in every aspect of the journey.

One Step at a Time is for those who value spiritual vitality and growth enough to learn how to live Spirit-led lives. It is for those willing to invest sufficient time and energy into seeking and finding the spiritual treasures available to us. It is for those who are seeking to better root their lives in God and orient themselves around spiritual truths. Whether or not we ever travel a path like El Camino, we can each learn how to better walk our own spiritual pilgrimage, one step at a time.

Praise for the Book

“In this fine book, Timothy Geoffrion calls us all to be spiritual pilgrims whether we leave home or not. He suggests practical steps we can take as we engage the lifelong process of seeking an ever-deepening connection with God.” —Jane E. Vennard

“Tim doesn’t just write about the journey, he writes while on the journey. He is a truthful and wise guide on the way.” —John Ortberg

“Tim Geoffrion offers stories about his own pilgrimage, reflections on the
journey, and suggestions about our pilgrimage. This is a great addition to
the theory and practice of helping people to be formed by God.”
—John Ackerman

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