They are no fools who give what they cannot keep to gain that which they cannot lose.”
—Jim Elliot, 1927-1956

Appreciation and Praise for Tim’s Teaching Ministry
Appreciation and Praise for Spiritual Life Coaching and Consulting


Appreciation and Praise for Tim’s Teaching Ministry

Recent letters from grateful pastors
Hi Tim,
It’s been awhile since the Spirit-Led Leader event and I thought you might like to know what some of the outcomes of our time together. I can mainly speak about my congregation, however, I know that the other pastors who participated along with their congregational leaders have reported that there is much more intentional spiritual formation in their time together. The shift is from business as usual toward an intentional, deepening relationship with God as what defines leadership in the congregation….

I can truly say that our time together in February was transformational for several of my leaders personally and for the council as a team. It served as a great catalyst for setting a common vision of what it means to be spiritual leaders, together, for the sake of the congregation’s life together and its cause….

Thanks again, Tim, for taking God’s call in your life so seriously and your generosity in the time you devoted to the retreat last February. I believe that what you are contributing to the conversation around leadership is very helpful and much needed in the sea of so much management, organizational or church growth [material] for pastors.
— Rev. Mike Lee, First Lutheran Church, 2007

Hi Tim,
… As for the effect that the retreat has had, it has been really great. Councils are struggling with how to be more effective, less micro-managing and more Spirit-focused…

People are excited about what’s happening, although still a bit skeptical. “Why didn’t we do this before? Perhaps its not real!” Those kinds of good questions. However, experience in study and the disciplines has been quite real for them now….

The Lay Leadership, at New Life, has now more fully become aware of who God is calling them to be… a mentoring congregation, walking alongside other churches and church leaders. And, even more, New Life laity are now seeing the bigger purpose for our congregation and it brings some sense of fulfillment as they know they are participating in something big of God….

God Bless You!
— Rev. Rob Carlson, Pastor of New Life Lutheran Church and Founder of Lutheran Pastors Leadership Network, 2007

Sample letters from seminary students overseas
I don’t know how to express my heartfelt thanks for what you’ve been for us and what you’ve done for us…. As you’ve taught us, we all are living for only one/same thing—the gospel of Christ and Christ himself. This makes me feel for extending my concern and love to others…. Your words give me much encouragement for my ministry.
— Lal Bial Hrem

Dear Sir,
I am deeply indebted to you for your teaching. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your untiring, sympathetic teaching and instruction…. I really have learned many and abundant lessons from you from the book of Philippians particularly for my spiritual enrichment and nourishment. Frankly speaking, I have learned countless lessons and examples from you, your attitude and personality, not only for my spiritual life but also for my physical and daily life….
— Holly Ram Humn

Thank you, Sir! Your sharing and your encouragement for us will never be in vain…. Personally, I thank you from my deep heart because you created new spiritual insight for me. I have learned a lot of theologies in this school. It sometimes happens that I feel I need something in my heart. In fact, I am hungry for spiritual power. Now I know that you have given and empowered me in new spiritual strength….
— Ar Naing

Miscellaneous quotes from class participants

in various church settings:
“Interesting, inspirational, informative, great pace, lots of dialogue, wonderful teaching style.”

“The class was a great balance of Biblical information and application to the growing life in Christ.”

“I have learned so much. My faith has been strengthened and broadened, and my journey has been guided by a clearer map.”

“(What I liked most about the class was) Tim’s knowledge, his personal views and attitudes, and his ability to speak truth.”

Quotes from Continuing Education and Special Event Participants

Using a truly rare mix of deep Biblical knowledge coupled with practical real-life experience, Tim seamlessly applies belief to leadership, weaving together a whole cloth of faith in action.”

—John Busacker, President, The Inventure Group, Minneapolis, MN

Surveys reveal that spirituality is one of the top concerns of Americans in the dawning years of the 21st century. Current research (released June 2007) also shows that clergy are ranked #2 among most satisfying jobs (right behind firefighters). In sharp contrast are the many pastors who are dying slow deaths in their congregations, reporting that their personal spiritual lives are almost non-existent.

Tim Geoffrion addresses these realities. His work assists clergy, leaders of faith-based organizations, and faithful individuals who serve in a variety of leading roles to integrate spirituality and leadership. Readers of his texts and participants in his programs are encouraged to assess themselves & their situations, then reconnect with faith and life in order to be their best selves by living the unique dream which God has for them. It is a journey that is not walked alone, but one which leaders share with persons in their charge.

Tim draws on a breadth of spiritual disciplines and faiths, while remaining grounded in Christian practice and tradition. [“Spiritual Depth in Life and Leadership”] is not another self-improvement “how to” course of spiritual disciplines, but a generous survey of principles and practices that one can draw on for sustenance whenever the connection with God, self, and others needs repair.”

—Rev. Gary David Knerr, Senior Pastor
Christ United Methodist Church, Lansdale, Pennsylvania


Appreciation and Praise for Tim’s Life and Leadership Coaching and Consulting

The experience added greatly to my understanding of the strategies needed to deal with some significant challenges to my work environment. Tim was instrumental in helping me discern the appropriate path, and, more importantly, he helped me discern how my reactions were influencing my strategies. On a more personal note, Tim helped me to deal with some very important issues with my spouse.

I especially appreciate Tim’s compassion, candor, and intelligent insight. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who was thinking about this kind of coaching experience.”

— Rev. Edward P. Sladek, Senior Pastor, Ashland Church, Holland, OH

The coaching experience was extremely effective in penetrating and exposing blocks and resistance. By moving through them, I was able to see choices and freedoms that were otherwise unavailable to me…. Tim was exceptionally patient and focused with me. He helped me probe deeper into things without offering advice or answers. He was always respectful and followed my lead.”

— Vera Snow, Artist, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am learning to ask for what I need. I’m learning more accurately what my needs are so I can ask intelligently. I’m learning to trust the dream, the vision God gave me… Best of all, I’m believing more and more that God really is crazy about me…. I’m sensing the sincerity of that unconditional stuff. This growing realization is giving me the freedom and the power to do all of the above.

I liked Tim’s style…very free flowing, and yet always pushing to stay on task, on target. Encouraging, empowering. The questioning that helped bring clarity. The ‘give myself assignments’ approach. The freedom to dream without constraints. The deathblow to dreaming only what is feasible and ‘realistic.’”

— Terry Esau, Founder of Nudge the World/Surprise Me
Long Lake, Minnesota

Spiritual Life Coaching has had a very direct, tangible impact on various aspects of my life as a leader. Of all the experiences I have had in this area, I have never seen the kinds of positive results as I have seen working with Tim, in such a short time.

Tim’s approach balances the practical aspects of sound, matter-of-fact coaching with a deep reservoir from which he draws spiritual resources and lessons that have been a breath of fresh air for me.”

— Rev. Paul B. Tshihamba, Pastor of Missions
Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina, Minnesota

Insight, knowledgeable, affirming, challenging…guides but does not lead. Tim was always punctual and picked up exactly where we left off…no down time. Tim was always well prepared and helpful.”

— Gregg Steinhafel, Orono, Minnesota

My experience of coaching with Tim was remarkable. [In just one session,] Tim asked insightful questions, listened intently, took notes which he gave to me after the session, talked with me, but did not steer me in any direction. In the process I was somehow able to strongly clarify what I wanted from an upcoming opportunity, and get through and beyond some concerns about it. I went into the opportunity clear minded, hopeful, excited, grounded. The coaching session with Tim was just what I needed.”

— Rev. Valerie Strand Patterson, Associate Pastor
St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN